Our purpose is obvious: we want to make Ritchie even more awesome!

Part of that involves:  

  • Being responsive to the individual and collective needs of its people by servicing our community through advocacy, activities, programs and support resulting in a safe and vibrant community for all.

  • Facilitating a dynamic meeting place for people to gather.

  • Maintaining and upgrading our community hall and providing sports facilities that are accessible, functional and comfortable for people to gather.

  • Enhancing our sustainability by:

    • Building and encouraging members to volunteer and be involved and engaged;

    • Being a league that is conscious and responsive to environmental initiatives; and

    • Being fiscally responsible.


Board of Directors

Together, we are making a difference and having a lot of fun.

2019/20 Executive

Cecilia Oteiza Ayres (president@ritchie-league.com)

Vice-President: Peter Willetts (vice-president@ritchie-league.com)

Peter Willetts (vice-president@ritchie-league.com)

Ehab Zeidan (treasurer@ritchie-league.com)

Maureen O'Neil (secretary@ritchie-league.com)

2019/20 directors

Casino & Fundraising Director: David Woo
Civics Director: Allan Bolstad
Communications Co-Directors: Karl Jensen & Keesa Elicksen (communications@ritchie-league.com)
Community Engagement Director: Amanda Bird (community-engagement@ritchie-league.com)
Events Director: Dan Tyrkalo (events@ritchie-league.com)
Facilities Co-Directors: Ed Retzer & Leonard Wampler
Green Initiatives Director: Carly Steiger (environment@ritchie-league.com)
Hall Revitalization Director: Jeff Ollis (hall-revitalization@ritchie-league.com)
Programs Director: Tracy Price (programs@ritchie-league.com)
Rink Director:
Leonard Wampler
Soccer Director: Kane Dozorec (soccer@ritchie-league.com)
Volunteers and Membership Director: Avnish Nanda (volunteers@ritchie-league.com)
Director-at-Large: Daniel Munch
Director-at-Large: Cristian Munoz

Our board members are Ritchie residents who volunteer their time and expertise to create a better community. We meet at the hall on the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. (except in July and August). Everyone is welcome to attend.  The annual general meeting (AGM) and elections are in May.

~ The General Roles of RCL Directors - click to view ~

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