RCL Social Media Guidelines

Date: Jan 2019

Scope: This procedure applies to Ritchie Community League (“League”) social media administrators.



  1. Communications is responsible to manage the corporate social media presence and coordinate social media initiatives to ensure quality, active, and effective efforts.

  2. Communications will monitor and oversee initiatives and activities taking place on social media, including social media scanning for emerging issues of importance to or involving the League.

  3. Communications will work with appropriate Board Directors as required to respond to questions or concerns posted on the League’s social media channels.

  4. Communications will acknowledge and correct misleading or inaccurate information about the League where required and appropriate.

  5. All social media information including log-in details and passwords will be maintained by the Treasurers and stored in a secure location.

Use of Social Media:

  1. Social media is intended to complement other League communications channels including the League website. Where possible and appropriate, social media posts will include links to primary sources of information, e.g. the League website.

  2. Appropriate social media posts include information that is generally made available to the public, e.g. information posted on the League website.

  3. Caution should be used when sharing sensitive information in “closed” social media channels (e.g. closed Facebook groups), understanding that a closed group does not mean the information cannot be shared externally.

  4. Sensitive or confidential information, including legal matters, contractual matters, or personnel information should not be posted on the League’s social media channels. Posts regarding contentious or controversial matters will only be shared if specifically identified as part of an advocacy strategy on the topic.

  5. As with email, information will not be shared via social media that League would not want seen on the front page of a newspaper.

  6. Use of social media will comply with all copyright laws. This includes images or other information posted on other websites or social media channels.

  7. Social media accounts will be updated regularly to keep the site engaging.

Appropriate Conduct and Terms of Use:

  1. Terms of use statements provide a transparent means of sharing the League’s expectations of conduct while interacting with the organization through its social media channels.

  2. Where available and appropriate, the League will including the following Terms of Use Statement on social media channels:

    Terms of Use:  Ritchie Community League reserves the right to not post or to delete content, without notification, as follows:

    • Content that includes foul language, vulgarities, or is sexually explicit

    • Content that is offensive to an individual or an organization, rude in tone, discriminatory, or abusive

    • Content that solicits, advertises, or promotes particular services, products, political parties, advocacy groups, or organizations

    • Content that infringes on copyrights or trademarks

    • Content that is considered spam or is off topic

    Third party content posted on or to the League’s social media channels including, but not limited to, references to third-party businesses, events, services, or products does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by the League, its employees, or its Board of Directors.

  3. Communications will use social media best practices in managing negative comments or responses on all social media channels.  These best practices include:

a) Ignore trolls: “trolls” are considered social media users that actively create conflict on social media sites by posting content that is controversial or inflammatory.

b) Address legitimate concerns and take offline: Any legitimate concerns will be addressed by acknowledging the concern right away and inviting them to contact a director of the League board to discuss the concerns and come to an appropriate resolution.

c) Leave legitimate negative comments: The League will not remove negative comments or complaints providing they are legitimate. Deleting negative comments can harm the League’s reputation as the poster may be able to demonstrate that the League deleted the comment and is therefore not open and transparent. 

d) Provide explanation: If comments are deleted, the League will provide an explanation as to why the post was deleted by either responding to the poster directly, or posting publicly how the deleted post infringed on the League’s Terms of Use.

e) Block users as last resort: The League will only ban or block users if the individual has repeatedly violated the Terms of Use. A ban or block will only be done provided there is a record kept of the violations and the League’s attempts outlining appropriate and acceptable conduct.