Ritchie Hall Manager Position

Rental management

  • Develop rental agreements for short and long-term use of the hall as well as pre- and post-rental cleaning checklists and other forms as necessary.

    • Bi-annual review of all ongoing contracts, especially to ensure insurance is in place.
  • Show halls to prospective renters.
  • Rental agreement is conditional on Hall Coordinator’s discretion
  • Renting:
    • Maintain and track contact with renter from initial contact, through any changes and requests to post-rental contact with decision regarding deposit.  
    • Developing, administer and track a Rental Satisfaction Survey
    • Pre-rental check up to 30 minutes prior to the rental to ensure facility is ready and eyes-on confirmation of condition before renter takes possession.
    • Collect and receipt damage deposit and rent, including from tenants.
    • Get keys to renter
    • Get rental agreements signed
    • Ensure proper insurance and other documentation is in place (AGLC licences, regular or special, proof of death for memorials, proof of non-profit status or endorsement)
    • After-rental inspection, retrieve keys, process deposit, in cooperation with Treasurer, if it is necessary to hold back any of the deposit.
  • On-call with board-provided cell phone whenever hall is in use.

Facility operations

  • Notify cleaner when required
  • Supervise cleaning contractor and purchase supplies as necessary
  • Coordinate annual deep clean contract that includes exterior
  • Prioritize and complete repairs of hall.  Consult Director of Hall Maintenance for advice and volunteer labour as necessary.
  • Responsibility for maintaining repair and maintenance records and tracking warranties
  • Meet with subcontractors, utility personnel who need access to building
  • Deal with program concerns regarding heating, lighting etc.
  • Maintain log of keys.
  • Shovel snow, rake cigarette butts as necessary


  • Collect and receipt all moneys from drop-in programs. Reconcile with sign-in
  • Perform and record checks to comply with Fire Code Regulations
    • Monthly test of exit lights and check of fire extinguishers
    • Schedule bi-annual checks of kitchen’s fire suppression system
    • Schedule annual checks of fire extinguishers and exhaust fan
  • Become familiar with and implement recommendations from the Tri-Partite Agreement between the City of Edmonton, EFCL and RCL
    • Forward to board for decision when a “rental” is for a commercial purpose
    • For requests for concerts, follow established protocol


  • Take phone calls, return messages and respond to emails about rentals.
    • First contact for phone calls, email and traditional mail to league office.
    • Responding or redirecting to the board as necessary.
    • Regularly sending development permit info to Civics.
  • Provide Board with feedback and recommendations from short and long-term renters regarding hall renovations and improvements.
    • Provide Treasurer with annual statistics on hall use as required for reporting back to the city.
    • Good working knowledge and experience with Google Spreadsheets/Exel in order to track rental requests and provide analysis of stats on rentals required for Hall Revitalization.
  • Liaise with building Maintenance committee consisting of Director of Maintenance and one member of the Executive regarding condition of buildings and all repairs
  • Ensure information on Ritchie Community League website is up to date by providing information to Communications Director.  Add Ritchie hall to new sites such as SpaceFinder Alberta
  • Ensure consistent communication with program volunteers and staff
  • Report monthly regarding upcoming events or rentals
  • Liaise with City of Edmonton program team during summer
  • E-newsletter: Provide schedule for coming months.
  • Orient new board members, especially program and events directors with regard to non-rental requests for hall use.

Reporting and accountability

  • Provide funds to treasurer on a weekly basis.
  • Report to Vice-president or designate
  • Attend the Monthly Community League Board meeting and provide a brief update

Hours of work

  •      15 hours a week- this may flex depending on the needs identified with hall rentals and repairs. Not to exceed 20 hours per week.

Please submit resume to president@ritchie-league.com

by Friday May 19th