Request a Cheque

This page allows users to request a cheque for authorized expenses on behalf of Ritchie Community League. Simply complete the form, below and your request will be processed. If you have any questions with respect to the cheque requesting process, please email the Ritchie Community League Treasurer ( 

Who should this cheque be made payable to?
One or two words describing what the cheque is for
Name the event, program or other reason relating to what the cheque is for
Invoice / receipt emailed to treasurer
Please scan and email invoices / receipts to the Ritchie Community League treasurer (if applicable). Alternatively you can take a picture of the invoice / receipt (with your phone) and email it to the treasurer. Please drop the original invoice / receipt off at the Hall (or mail it), marking the envelop for the attention of the treasurer. Check check-box:
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Your Name
If this expense was authorised by another person, please enter their name here
Will you pick-up the cheque or do you want it to be mailed?
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