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Hello there,

As per our discussion earlier this month, here is an update on the progress of the build and what will be happening in the coming weeks
Signage – we are working with the City’s transportation team to get signs put up to warn both cyclists and heavy truck traffic to look out for each other on 97 St. between 76 Ave and 75 Ave. Hopefully those will be up soon

  • Piles – the construction of the structural piles for the school has been going a bit slower than expected due to the poor soil conditions in the site. The piling rig will be there for probably another 3-4 weeks before it will have all of the piles completed

  • Grade beam – the piles for the main “backbone” of the school are complete and so the creation of the beam is the next step. Shipments of rebar will start arriving soon and the track hoe to dig the trench is arriving today. The beam will be installed in about 6 weeks most likely

  • Soil – the pile construction creates a mound of extra soil that has been removed from each hole. Later this week this stockpile will be removed from the site, which should only take a few days

  • Concrete – pumper truck will be coming on site soon and will stay for several months. Frequency of concrete trucks on site will change depending on the amount poured that day, but will use the same entrance on 97 St.

As I mentioned at the meeting, there is not going to be a lot of visible change at the site until the fall, as it takes a lot of prep work to get ready for and then pour the foundation. Once that is in, things will start to happen a bit more quickly.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions you’d like answered.

Thanks, Jonathan

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