Summer Social Media Reporter

The Ritchie Abundant Community (R-ACE) team of the Ritchie Community League (RCL) is looking for a couple of outgoing social media reporters to capture all of the great neighbourhood connections and the vibrant activities going on in the ‘hood this summer!


  • Attend all of the R-ACE activities (e.g. block parties, lemonade stand events, treat bike outings, etc.). Number of events to attend to be determined with the R-ACE Support team

  • Attend all of the RCL BBQs (3), Bike Day, Community League Day, etc. Number of events to attend to be determined with the R-ACE Support team

  • Take pictures of the people attending

  • Engage people and ask them a few questions (e.g. Where in Ritchie do they live; how they heard about the event; who are they with; what they like best about Ritchie; etc.)

  • Write a small piece that describes the event and people attending on the photos and post on the Ritchie Community League’s social media platforms

What we are looking for:

  • 15-22 year old writer & photographer Ritchie residents

  • Have a smartphone or camera and access to a computer

  • Able to write proficiently in English

What we will provide:

  • Training on Squarespace, the web platform used by RCL

  • Mentorship on creating punchy write ups by professional writers

Duration: start date as soon as possible and until Community League Day. Possibility of continuing during the fall/winter.

This position provides a great opportunity to engage with your community, build your skills and resume and get a great reference. An honourarium will be provided as compensation (amount to be determined with the R-ACE Support team).


If you are interested, please send your CV to Lisa and Caroline at