City winter programs skip Ritchie this year

Free, drop-in skating lessons for six-12 year olds are offered by the city in January and February, but not in Ritchie this winter.

With 224 neighbourhoods and only 36 skate programs, the city rotates lessons around so each area is served, on a two-three-year cycle.

The closet to Ritchie this coming skating season are in Avonmore (2.5 km).

Avonmore is also site of the nearest Winter Green Shack in January.

Like the skating programs, the city is rotating its 72 drop-in, afterschool, supervised play programs around.

The closest to Ritchie are in Pleasantview (3.8 km) in December, Parkallen (4.6 km)  in February and Grandview Heights (6.3 km) in March.

Ritchie’s turn to host city winter programs are later in the cycle: Learn-to-Skate in Jan/Feb 2020; Winter Green Shack in Dec 2020 and Oct. 2021.

There’s nothing stopping the league from organizing its own winter programs for kids. Nothing, that is, except a volunteer willing to pull them together. Ritchie’s Program Director position is currently vacant.