École Joseph-Moreau project update

Hello there,

Here are some updates on what is happening or will be happening on site in
the coming weeks:

  • The concrete slab that will become the floor of the gymnasium is being
    poured and should be done soon. Once it is complete, the frame of the
    building will start going up. The structural steel should start arriving
    next week

  • The construction access has shifted back to the main gate on the
    corner of 97 St. and 75 Ave. now that the site has dried up and a temporary
    gravel road has been constructed

  • Contractors have been warned about parking in the area and are aware
    that they should only be parking on site or on the south side of 75 Ave
    east of the secondary gate. If issues are still arising, please do not
    hesitate to contact me. We are also trying to secure additional parking in
    the area soon so that there is space once more trades come on site

  • Signs have been posted at the construction access gate to watch for
    pedestrians and cyclists before entering 97 Ave. There is also a designated
    flag person that manages traffic and the gate whenever a heavy truck needs
    to enter or leave the site

  • Overall, construction is slightly behind schedule due to the wet
    summer and fall, but are hopeful that some lost time can be made up with
    better than expected weather this month

  • Deep servicing for the new school is now complete so EPCOR disruptions
    in the neighbourhood should be over for the foreseeable future

If you have any questions or other concerns, please do not hesitate to

contact me.



Senior Associate, Community Engagement Consultant

Direct: 780 969-2198
Mobile: 780 863-6451
Fax: 780 917-7179