Neighbourhood Connector

The Ritchie Abundant Community Support Team is thrilled to officially announce that Amanda Heiford has accepted the position of Neighbourhood Connector.

Amanda brings with her years of directly related professional experience in community engagement and outreach, as well as a strong background in volunteer and project management. This along with her passion for Ritchie, enthusiasm for our community, and ability to foster relationships amongst individuals, will help us grow Ritchie into an even stronger community for all neighbours.

The Support Team couldn’t be happier, and with Amanda we are certain the Ritchie Abundant Community initiative is in incredibly capable hands. We want you to grow with us and help build Ritchie to its fullest potential!

We welcome you to find out more about Abundant Communities Edmonton via the Ritchiewebsite. Here you can learn more about the initiative and even sign up to be a Block Connector on your street!