Attention Green Thumbs and Garden Lovers of Ritchie!

Calling all gardeners in Ritchie, do you have a garden (edible or decorative) you would be willing to show to your neighbours? We want to hear from you! We are looking for 5 gardens to showcase on a garden tour of Ritchie that can help inspire creative ways to grow edible or non edible landscapes. We are particularly looking for gardens that showcase sustainable growing techniques (ex. permaculture or unique watering systems), or are great examples of edible and non edible gardens. Get in touch with us! Please contact us by e-mailing our Ritchie Livability Coordinator at, no later than August 18, 2017. Keep an eye out for more updates as they come on this exciting event. 

What we have in mind

We are inviting you to participate in our September garden extravaganza! We know there are some really talented gardeners in Ritchie and neighbours that love the gardens of Ritchie. Why not combine these two loves on one awesome day? Here is what we are proposing– a garden tour of Ritchie that ends in a Ritchie farmers market of sorts where neighbours share their locally grown produce or plant bulbs if they have some to spare. Please join us on September 10th for a garden event that will awaken the green thumb in you! We will post an event listing here soon.