Be a Good Sport!

The sun is shining and the smell of fresh-cut grass is in the air. Outdoor sports season is here at last!

The City of Edmonton maintains over 1,600 ball diamonds, soccer pitches and multi-use fields. Field users are asked to help us keep our fields in shape all season long by adhering to a few simple rules:

  • Be respectful of the field and neighbourhood; you’re a guest there. 
  • Don’t litter, smoke or drink alcohol on the field. 
  • Park only in designated areas. 
  • Respect closures; they’re for the good of the field. 
  • If water pools on the field, don’t use it. 
  • Report damage and violations to 311.

Fields are closed periodically for maintenance, rest and rejuvenation. These short closures can help prevent longer, costly closures, and extend the life of the field. Visit and check “Notifications” to confirm your field is open before heading out. You can also sign up to receive email or RSS closure notifications.

Have fun out there!