Soccer Slip Up?

If soccer registration slipped your mind last month, don't worry! The late registration session is being held on:

Sunday March 12
from 1 to 5pm
Ottewell Hall - 5920 93a Avenue.  

Here's the drill:  
Similar to last year, parents will need to complete registration online prior to heading down to Ottewell Hall. We know, you might want to skip this step, but you can't. Plus, you missed your local sign up so don't test their patience! 

The gang at Ottewell will need to see that online registration has been completed. They'll also want to  check your community league membership (or help you purchase a new one), take payments and sign you up for your mandatory volunteer duties.

Here's the thing, if you don't remember to register online, you'll have to fill out a hard copy at the hall and then take home a copy and fill out all the same details in the online will be a pain and major waste of your time. Don't do it. 

Visit and follow the easy steps.
You've got this!!!