ACE Neighbour Contest

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ACE Neighbour Contest
Congratulations to this month's winner and Ritchie's very own Klondike Kitty - Debra Cook!  Dianne Hall shared this great  story about her great neighbour: 

"My neighbor Deb deserves a shout out. She is senior,retired teacher and has volunteered for over 30 years as Klondike Kitty singing to veterans. She has faced numerous health issues this year, but still heads out to spend time to sing and entertain at Vets homes, retirement homes, and the train that runs in the summer for seniors. She shops local, shovels walks and is always there for all the neighbours."

Hearing this story brought back a memory from 30 years ago when Deb came to my grade five class. So congrats Deb - Accent Infills  has a cheque for $100 to reward you for all you've done.

As for Dianne, Transcend is providing her with a $50 voucher for coffee and other treats to stay warm this winter!  

We've got lots of great prizes from local business and cash-ola from Accent Infills so remember, to nominate your pal next door. All you have to do is email and tell us why your neighbour is ACE!