ACE Neighbour Contest

Congratulations to Stephen and Erin Beland who took extra steps to be great neighbours - you see what we did there right??? Nelle Meline shared this great photo and story: 

unnamed (1).png

"My husband and I were originally renting our home. When we found our landlord was moving and needed to sell our house, we did everything in our power to buy it because we have THE BEST NEIGHBOURS EVER and we couldn't handle the thought of not living next door to these wonderful people. There are so many reasons they are the best neighbours including, but not limited to, shovelling our walk in the winter, sharing plants and seeds each spring, and offering a plethora of advice regarding everything lawn related. But the best thing has to be our "good neighbour stairs". When Stephen upgraded the fence between on houses it was too tall for us to talk to each other over. Stephen was bummed and went out and purchased a 6 stair set and cut it in half leaving us with 3 stairs for each side. It is now the perfect height for chatting, and passing over baked goods, babies, and gin and tonics. They are awesome and sweet and if everyone had neighbours as good as them the world would be a better place."

After seeing these cute steps we thought they could use a little cash back from Accent Infills!Edmonton's infill and skinny home specialists will be giving the Belands $100 for their crafty neighbourly efforts.

As for Nelle, Transcend is providing her with a $50 voucher for coffee so she can stay up all night chatting over the fence!  

We've got lots of great prizes from local business and cash-ola from Accent Infills so remember, to nominate your pal next door. All you have to do is email and tell us why your neighbour is ACE!