2019 Chili Cook-Off Entry Form

The Rules and Stuff...

- This is a No Minors event
- Your chili must be fully cooked and have a complete list of ingredients available. You may be contacted by Alberta Health Board. Please read all supplied cooking aids sent upon confirmation.
-There are 12 Competitor spots. These spots will be determined based on the information provided on entry forms and selected by our chili experts. Be creative and make your entry stand out!
- Deadline for entries is Friday MARCH 01, 2019. 
- Chosen competitors will be announced March 2nd, 2019
- All chosen competitors must pay a deposit of $50 per chili, which will be refunded after the event. The deposit is non-refundable to any contestants who cancel their entry.   Payment details will be sent to selected competitors. 
 - In addition, all chosen competitors will be paid a $50 honorarium for their participation in the event. 
- Maximum 2 persons per chili  
- Contestants must arrive at the hall at 5 pm for set up on the day of the event (April 20, 2019.) 
- Tables placement will be chosen on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Some contestants will have to share tables.
- Contestants must be present to serve their chili.
- People attending the cook off will receive four dried “voting beans” with ticket purchase. Contestants will be given a jar to hold your beans. They will be counted at 8:45pm for the People’s Choice Overall Category.
-The Panel of Judges will be voting based on a blind tasting for the Veggie & Non-Veggie Categories
- The winners will be announced at 9pm.
- RCL will provide taster cups for handing out samples, plates will also be available. You bring the rest! Get creative!
-Attendance will be 150ish, monitor serving size so you don’t run out of chili.
- Please clean up your area and make sure you have all your belongings packed up by 11pm. Bar will be open later.
- Due to fire codes, capacity is limited. Tickets will be sold online in advance.
- This is a volunteer community league event, so have fun!
- Are you a member of Ritchie Community League?  Memberships help events like these happen!

Wanna Compete?

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By entering this event, I agree that photography or video of my participation may be used in promotion of this event or future event and may be shared by Ritchie Community League on online, social media, or print materials. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing of any materials provided by me in the course of this application. 

Contact us at: chili-cook-off@ritche-league.com